Interfaith Ministers

Mark & Rowena Lovett

Interfaith ministers helping you create spiritual & loving ceremonies

Interfaith Ministers

Mark & Rowena Lovett

Our Offering

All Faiths And None

No matter your belief system, I can legally solemnise a marriage of all faiths and none

Ceremonies On Location

We can perform your legal ceremony in your venue of choice

The Story of Love

Specialising in the art of telling a couples journey of how they met & fell in love


Who We Are

Mark Lovett Wedding

Reverend Mark Lovett

I am Rev. Mark Lovett. Thank you for looking at this web site. I have witnessed a deep transition in myself since I trained with OSIF. I spent many years soul searching wondering what it was I was missing in my life. I was angry with the Catholic Church and all the abuse scandals. I turned my back on Catholicism. I then turned away from Religion.

I enquired into Humanism and met so many interesting and wonderful people but deep down I knew it wasn’t for me. I felt called to search for something else and eventually found myself travelling to London every month for two years. The minute I walked through the front doors of Colet House in Hammersmith I knew I was meant to be here. We sang, danced, and delved deep into ourselves. We looked at all the different faith paths and found myself really enjoying different aspects of each faith path. I loved the Hinduism & Daoism in particular.

During Ordination I took a Vow to “Do all things with Love”. I developed my own Spiritual practice. I love to unwind at home and light some candles where I meditate using Mantra and connect to Source. I also love to connect with Mother Earth where I find solace in the Sea water all year round.


What We Do

Beautiful pink lily in garden, Zephyranthes flower. Common names for species in this genus include fairy lily, rainflower, zephyr lily, magic lily, Atamasco lily and rain lily
Spiritual Counselling
End Of Life Ceremony(Funeral)
Mark Lovett Wedding
Wedding & Vow Renewal
Baby Naming
Coming Of Age

What People Have Said

Mark incorporated everything we asked for into our little girls Naming Day ceremony. He visited us before the day and talk through what would happen and let us decide on the personal touched we would like. Mark made the ceremony very personal and special to us. There was many a compliment from guests about the ceremony. I would highly recommend Mark to any family or friends. Thanks Again.
Naomi Boyle
Baby Naming Ceremony
Hi Mark, I never got to thank you, you did the funeral ceremony for my stepdad Mick, I just wanted to thank you so much , everyone said how well it went and that was down to you and how you delivered it. It was really touching how you spoke and it gave us great comfort giving Mick what he has asked for thank you.
Jenifer O'Toole
End Of Life Ceremony (Funeral)
We found Mark online and found him to be very engaging and he went above and beyond to make our day even more special. It was the first time we witnessed a ceremony like this. It was intimate, filled with love and laughter. We flew over from the USA and from the moment we met Mark we knew are needs where going to be met. We couldn't recommend Mark enough. Thanks again.
Debbie & Matt
Wedding Ceremony

My Clients Ceremonies

The Wedding
Talk Show

Join Mark and his guests on the enchanting wedding talk show as they delve into various topics surrounding the magical journey of matrimony. From navigating the highs and lows of wedding planning to exploring the intricacies of building a strong marital foundation, each episode promises insightful discussions and heartfelt anecdotes. Whether it’s advice from seasoned couples or expert insights from wedding planners, Mark’s show offers a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone embarking on the beautiful adventure of marriage. Tune in for laughter, tears, and everything in between as Mark guides viewers through the joys and challenges of love and commitment.

Mark Lovett - Lovett Ceremonies
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