Interfaith Ministers

Mark & Rowena Lovett

Interfaith ministers helping you create spiritual & loving ceremonies

Interfaith Ministers

Mark & Rowena Lovett

Our Offering

All Faiths And None

No matter your belief system, we can create ceremonies for people of all faiths and none

Ceremonies On Location​

We can perform your ceremony in your venue of choice

The Story of Love

Specialising in the art of telling a couples journey of how they met & fell in love


Who We Are

Reverend Mark & Rowena Lovett

We are Mark and Rowena Lovett, and we’re thrilled to welcome you to our website! Our journey has been one of profound discovery and growth, shaped by experiences that have led us to where we are today.

Mark’s path began with soul-searching and exploration after training with OSIF. Initially disillusioned with organized religion, he sought solace in various philosophies before finding resonance in the diverse spiritual traditions explored at Colet House in Hammersmith.

Central to Mark’s practice is a commitment to approaching all things with love, a vow taken during ordination. His spiritual rituals include meditation with mantra and connecting with nature, particularly finding solace in the sea throughout the year.

Now, Rowena joins Mark on this journey, bringing her own unique perspective and gifts. Together, as a team, we are honored to guide and support individuals in creating meaningful and profound experiences for life’s significant moments. Thank you for joining us as we share our passion and purpose with you.


What We Do

Spiritual Counselling
End Of Life Ceremony(Funeral)
Wedding & Vow Renewal
Baby Naming
Coming Of Age

Amazing Reviews

The Wedding
Talk Show

Join Mark and his guests on the enchanting wedding talk show as they delve into various topics surrounding the magical journey of matrimony. From navigating the highs and lows of wedding planning to exploring the intricacies of building a strong marital foundation, each episode promises insightful discussions and heartfelt anecdotes. Whether it’s advice from seasoned couples or expert insights from wedding planners, Mark’s show offers a treasure trove of wisdom for anyone embarking on the beautiful adventure of marriage. Tune in for laughter, tears, and everything in between as Mark guides viewers through the joys and challenges of love and commitment.

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