Your Personalised Ceremony Experience

With personalised touches and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure each ceremony is a reflection of your unique story.

Spiritual counselling

Discover The Wisdom Within

Spiritual Counselling is also known as Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual Accompaniment and or Spiritual DirectionIt is not psychotherapy. It is to help people discover that beyond their problems and beyond their conditioning they already have the answers and the wisdom within them. The minister facilitates the meeting and creates a safe and sacred space for the client to offload anything that may hold them back from realising their true potential.

End Of Life Ceremonies (Funeral)

It’s an honour and pleasure to be entrusted by a family to perform a ceremony for their recently departed loved one. Each ceremony is crafted with love to reflect the life lived by the family member incorporating  their belief system, their values and  traditions. During this difficult time we are happy  to meet the family, talk over the phone or Skype if necessary. 

Baby naming ceremonies

Our baby naming ceremonies recognise the individuality of the child and the rationale behind the importance of their name.

We focus on their uniqueness without enforcing any indoctrination upon them or their family, rather we recognise their parents desire to love their child unconditionally and their intention to support their child so that as they grow they may make their own decisions and learn from their own mistakes but always with the support of their parents.

Baby naming ceremonies are designed with couples to reflect their desires and needs whilst focusing on the importance of the child as an individual in their own right whose individual spirit and integrity should never be manipulated but rather their uniqueness fostered and appreciated in their own right.

Wedding Enhancements

Wedding ceremonies can be performed in many different ways, please click on a ceremony enhancements below to see more details.

Outdoor Ceremonies
Vow Renewal
Wine Box & Love Letter
Unity Candle Lighting

Coming of Age Ceremony

Girls And Boys

For Those who want to celebrate their rite of passage into Adulthood. These ceremonies are common around the world, most recognised would be a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, or when a member of a tribe would venture into the wild and fend for himself to show he has transitioned into manhood.

Each of these ceremonies have rituals which signify the transition. A rite of passage ceremony can be substituted for a Communion or Confirmation if a secular family dont want their children to miss out on a big day like some of their friends who may be attending a religious school.

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