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As an Ordained Interfaith Minister Mark can perform the legal part of the ceremony as required by the HSE in the Rep.of Ireland. The venue of your choice should be compliant with section 52 of the Civil Registration Act and the ceremony can be Solemnised on a Saturday or Sunday

No not necessarily, Humanists and Spiritualists do tend to perform their ceremonies in hotels which makes them more comfortable, intimate and easier on the ear. Spiritual people tend to have a belief in an afterlife, while Humanists believe that there is no evidence. The fact is nobody know’s and it remains a mystery. Let us find out for ourselves 😊 I’m a One World Minister ordained by OSIF. I have no duty to adhere to any belief system bar my own personal one. I have taken a Vow to live from the heart and to do all things with Love. You can’t get more Human than that. You can choose to have whatever you want to be said in your Ceremony and I have the freedom to carry out your wishes. As an OWM minister we are registered under the religious section of the HSE list of Solmnisers. But you have the choice to include whatever you wish in the ceremony and it has no bearing on how the marriage is registered.

If you are intending to get married, you must contact the HSE Registrar. You then apply for a marriage license and register your intent to marry. These appointments usually take 20 to 30 minutes and you will be asked to provide the names of the couple and two witnesses who must be over the age of 18. You will then be asked to provide the name of your Solemniser, the venue where your ceremony will take place at the date you have chosen. You will then receive an MRF form (marriage Registration form) which will be signed on the day by myself and your two witnesses. This form is of great significance and importance, please return this to the HSE Registrars office within 30 days.

Absolutely. Love is Love. Thankfully the marriage referendum has opened the gates to equality in marriage, and nobody in Ireland shall ever be discriminated in regards of their sexuality if they choose to get married. As an OWM minister we Vow to be inclusive and never discriminate on the grounds of Sexual orientation, nationality or skin colour. I am yet to perform a same sex marriage however I’m looking forward to performing my first one. 

To date this has not happened. However, in the unlikely event it does I have any amount of registered Solemniser’s who can stand in on short term notice. We have a wide network of ministers in Ireland.

Once the date your looking for is available we arrange to meet up either face to face or over the internet. We take a deposit of 100.00 euro which is nonrefundable to secure the date. We then start the process of creating your ceremony and finalising over the coming weeks. The ceremony shall be completed and agreed by both parties that the ceremony reflects the clients wishes. All fee’s to be paid in full two weeks before the ceremony is due to take place.

If the family member does not feel confident standing up and reading the Eulogy. I am more than happy to be of service and to perform this for the family.

I will guide you through this process and offer some prayers, poems or readings. It’s entirely up to the family to use whatever format they would like.

This gives the parents the opportunity to welcome their new family member with friends and family in a venue of their choice or at home if they wish. It is a commitment from the parents to honor, love and cherish their new arrival in ceremonial way that is not based in a faith tradition.

Yes plenty of rituals can be used, such as anointing the child’s with water that can be blessed with loving intentions from all guests and family members. We can also use the child’s hand print or footprint to mark their special occasion. Prayers, poems and readings can also be used and family members can play a part in the ceremony.

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